General Meeting Presentation

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patrick Headley

Importing Data From Excel, Make List Box and Combo Box controls work better and Visual Studio LightSwitch and Kexi

Patrick Headley

Importing Data From Excel

Have you ever tried to import data from Excel into Access and not all of your data was imported or you received type mismatch errors? With the procedures shown in this presentation you will be able to get your data into Access and take control of data inconsistency issues.

Make List Box and Combo Box controls work better.

In Microsoft Access, when you scroll down a List Box or the list of a Combo Box control that has many items in it, scrolling doesn’t work as expected until you reach the bottom of the list. In addition to that, when you requery the contents of a List Box control, say after returning from a detail form that may change the values displayed in the list, you loose your previous selection. This presentation uses a List Box control to show you how to make lists behave as you would expect, from the start.

Visual Studio LightSwitch and Kexi

There are some new kids on the block that compete with Microsoft access. Neither product completely clones the features and ease of use that Access offers but they are close enough that you should at least be aware of what they are. You will eventually have to face them. This will be a high-level overview of both products but you will be able to see what they are and decide how pertinent they are to the work you do. If there is enough interest in either product we could have a more detailed presentation in the future.

Patrick Headley is a database application consultant developing applications in Microsoft Access, .Net, ColdFusion, PHP, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. He has been in the Microsoft Access development world since 1997 and has had his own company, Linx Consulting, Inc., since 2003. Patrick is also the current president of the Denver Area Access Users Group.