Denver Area Access Users Group

General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Collaborative Application Design with Quiz Professor

Louie Walker Jr.

See a demonstration of the various techniques used in creating an automatic-grading educational application. Some of the topics discussed will be: How to use unbound forms, and how to process data imported from other applications, and how to create and export objects into VBA created databases.

Our presenter, Louie Walker, Jr., is an Accounting Professor Specializing in teaching Accounting Information Systems. Currently developing an Access 2007 automatic grading application to be used by college/University Professors. Louie Walker, Jr. was founder, President and CEO of TriSys Software Solutions, Inc. He has over 25 years of business and IT industry experience. He has a BA, from Colorado State University and a MBA in information systems from Regis University. He was a two-time president of the Denver Area Access Users Group. He has been using and developing with MS Access since version 1.0 and developing with SQL Server since version 7.0.