Denver Area Access Users Group

General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Alexander Denz, SD Win

ChatGPT in Access

Alexander Denz, SD Win

IMPORTANT: This presentation is at 10:30 AM Mountain Time

Join us as Alex from SD Win presents an add-in which allows the use of Chat GPT (OpenAI) in Microsoft Access. The add-in offers a user and a developer menu, and requires no additional code necessary to use the full power of OpenAI. The add-in is available for all Access versions from 2007. There is a 32 and a 64 bit version of the add-in. It is multilingual and includes German, English, French, Italian and Spanish as standard, but can easily be individually expanded to any language.

Alex Denz is a developer at SD Win in Austria, with two decades of Access exprience. SD Win does Enterprise Resource Planning and custom development, offering free and paid tools