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General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, September 15, 2022

George Hepworth

Book Collection Management Using Power Apps (and Access)

George Hepworth

Microsoft Access on the desktop and MS Power Apps in the browser can make a powerful team. Access connects to a wide range of data sources, from accdbs to SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and other server based databases, including now Dataverse. PowerApps connect to them all, and more. Putting a rich VBA-enabled Access Front End on the desktop and a fast, flexible Power Apps interface in the browser enables developers to provide tools covering both in-house and remote work.

In a recent DAAUG presentation, Richard Hanson explained how he uses Access to manage a used book business. Rick showed how they use the Google Books API to retrieve information about books by scanning the ISBN. George Hepworth will follow up with a look at using the same Google Books API in a Power Apps application to scan ISBNs and retrieve book information. His PowerApps application is modeled on a small personal library. George has implemented two versions of this proof of concept app, one linked to more traditional SharePoint lists, and one linked to Dataverse tables. We’ll look at the Dataverse version, focusing primarily on scanning ISBN’s and taking cover photos with a smart phone.

George began his love affair with MS Access in the early 90’s when he was tapped to create a tracking system for the continuing education courses he and his colleagues wrote and sold. He decided that was more interesting than the writing side and began the transition. Over the next 25 years, George worked in a variety of environments as a database developer focusing on Access and later, SQL Server with Access. He authored or co-authored several books on Access and currently serves on the Administration team at UtterAccess.

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