Denver Area Access Users Group

General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Optional Access

Jim Pilcher

Have you ever fully explored all of the settings available to you in the Tools/Options menu selection in Access? What does the "Default database folder" setting do for you? What are the ramifications of "Compact on Close"? Discover the value of manipulating Access options both interactively and in VBA code.

Jim Pilcher is a prominent Microsoft Access developer in the Colorado front range area, having worked with Access professionally since 1992. A Microsoft Certified Professional, Jim’s company, DataOne, Inc., maintains a broad clientele base providing Access & SQL Server solutions for local enterprises and large international companies. He is currently serving his sixth year as President of the Denver Area Access Users Group.

See Jim’s company profile on our DAAUG web site in the Consultant list and on his web site at .