Denver Area Access Users Group

General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Phil Ferrero

Creating VBA automation in Access for Excel exports and imports

Phil Ferrero

Access and Excel are both useful tools for data analysis. Getting data between these two Microsoft applications can be as easy as "cut and paste". There are also times when Access developers need to create processes in their applications that enable targeted imports of data from or exports of data to Excel. These code based solutions help developers maintain data integrity in their Access application and create smooth transitions of data between the two applications for their users. This presentation will show Access developers how to use VBA code within Access to manage data between Access and Excel.

Phil is a database software developer and founder of AFL Enterprises, LLC, located in Denver, CO. Phil's been developing in Access for almost 20 years and designs software database applications for all industries. A member of DAAUG since the early 2000s, Phil is an occasional presenter to the group and learns something new about the Access environment at every meeting. When Phil isn't coding a superb database app, he's either spending time with his family or training for a marathon.

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