Denver Area Access Users Group

General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Jim Pilcher

SQL Server Basics for Access Developers, Part 1

Jim Pilcher

Join Jim Pilcher of DataOne, Inc. for an evening of discussion and demonstration surrounding the use of Microsoft Access with a Microsoft SQL Server on the backend. Jim will approach the evening from the viewpoint of a developer who has already transitioned to SQL Server and now wants more information about best practices, new possibilities, performance, and more, particularly when using Microsoft Azure SQL Databases. Jim will show some SQL Server developer utilities for managing SQL Server backend databases. Expect a free-form spirited discussion with plenty of audience participation.

Jim Pilcher is President of DataOne, Inc., a Microsoft Access/SQL Server consulting practice in Colorado since 1997. He is a 12-time Denver Area Access User Group president, and served as DAAUG vice president the past 3 years.

Watch the recorded video of SQL Server Basics for Access Developers, Part 1 on our YouTube channel