General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bulletproofing an Application

Kevin Bell

bul·let·proof adj.

1. Impenetrable by bullets
2. Informal. Impervious to assault, damage, or failure; guaranteed

As Access Applications mature, they tend to get more complex, are used by more people and often become a critical tool for a businesses success. While performance issues are usually easy to spot, bulletproofing an application is an exercise in predicting what can go wrong, and reacting to it before it happens. In addition to protecting your users from a bad computing experience, you also need to be concerned with protecting your application’s data and intellectual property from prying eyes. While even the most robust database application is no match for Dirty Harry, there are several tricks that can help make your Access application more stable and secure. In this presentation we will explore several different strategies for making your application more robust and maybe even bulletproof.

Kevin has been developing custom business solutions with Access since version 1.0 and SQL Server since version 4.21. Over the years he and his partner Wendell, have deployed more than 100 production databases in Colorado and other cities around the world. Visit their web site at for an Access tip of the day.