General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Maximizing Access Performance

Wendell Bell

Small Access databases don't usually have performance issues - but small databases have a habit of growing up to become big databases with slow response times, and then you as the developer are faced with fixing it. In this presentation, Wendell Bell will explore the kinds of performance bottlenecks you are likely to encounter, and various methods of improving the situation. Topics to be covered include the judicious use of indexes, dealing with LAN performance issues, masking performance issues with the user interface, when to consider upsizing to SQL Server, and performance issues with WAN or web interfaces.

Wendell has been an active user of Microsoft products since 1986, began his consulting practice in 1990 after spending 27 years with AT&T and Bell Labs, and since 1994, has been specializing in using Access as a front-end to SQL Server. He and his partner Kevin have deployed more than 100 production databases in Colorado and other cities around the world. In addition, Wendell serves as a moderator for the Access forum on the peer-to-peer help site known as Woody's Lounge - it can be found at - and you can read more about his background and avocations at