Denver Area Access Users Group

General Meeting Presentation

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Andy Tabisz

Real-World Forms Automation

Andy Tabisz

Andy's company (WorkSmart Database Masters) focuses on providing automated, easy to use user interfaces designed to help companies achieve more in less time.

He will be demonstrating many of his strategies to accomplishes this objective, including dynamic data-driven combo boxes based on tables instead of value lists, with different options to make it easy for users to add choices. This is especially important in cases where clients need to see different combo box options based on which customer they are viewing at the time.

You will also learn how to add a << Select All >> option into the top of a combo box list to make that control more intuitive for users. And, Andy often uses cascading filters, list box group selection and full form calendars, to his databases. Additionally, you'll learn how to dynamically test for and re-attach back end databases and even quickly swap back ends based on project, client or year.

Andy Tabisz, MCAS, MOS, is the owner of WorkSmart Database Masters, LLC, a Michigan-based technology firm focused on providing custom database and web app solutions designed to increase productivity. He has been developing databases since 1983 and is a frequent speaker at Microsoft Access and SQL conferences across the country. Andy is also very involved in the user group community and was recently awarded the 2015 Microsoft MVP Award.

Andy earned an Associates in Business 1987, then pursued a career in IT. His roles have included Software Support, Director of Training, Regional Director or Sales, Hardware & Networking Manager, Director of Automation/IT and Owner of 3 tech companies. Andy founded WorkSmart in 2008, offering software and app development to clients across the U.S. WorkSmart has consultants in Grand Rapids, MI, Detroit, MI, Florida and Arizona.

Andy enjoys traveling with his wife Marcia and his interests include golfing, movies and mentoring others. He also is a huge Dave Ramsey fan and an avid reader of business and marketing books.