General Meeting Presentation

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Robert Miller

Full Microsoft Access Over the Internet

Robert Miller

Learn about the existing option of deploying the full richness of MS Access using your existing Desktop Application. This covers existing Microsoft technologies used by many companies today. Hear how this option can lower the Total Cost of Ownership for Access applications. It also streamlines MS Access desktop deployment and increases security.

The presentation will cover actual MS Access Developer’s history of deploying Access 97 through Access 2013 over Citrix. It includes the concept of split-databases with MS Access Databases and SQL Server Database. We will cover the lessons learned for successful deployment. Expect a top-level design concept geared for Access Programmers. There will be useful code tips and tricks that enhance the thin-client experience.

Robert Miller was one of the early MCSD, MCT, MCP in Office 95, 97, and 2000 with SQL Server and Citrix experience. As a MCP, one of his specialties was the Excel Object Model Programming. He traveled an average off 32 weeks per year around the country for six years. His consulting experience typically includes SQL Server, MS Access, Excel Objects, and Citrix (Cloud) applications used nationally. In his spare time, he authored a popular interactive Test Preparation for MS Access and the Windows Architecture I & II that was required for the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. His latest project is developing a Rules Based Engine for Compliance Management in a SQL Server / Access national application that is rich in customized Excel reports.