General Meeting Presentation

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alison Balter

Developing Client/Server Apps with Microsoft Access

Alison Balter

Most people underestimate the power of Microsoft Access. If used properly, Access can be an excellent player in the enterprise world of client/server development. This talk will show you how you can develop robust, powerful client/server applications that take advantage of all that Microsoft Access has to offer.

During the talk we will begin by exploring when it is appropriate to move an Access application to a client/server environment. We will upsize an application to SQL Server and will talk about the gotchas involved in the upsizing process. Finally, you will learn how to build queries, forms, and reports that optimize performance in a client/server environment. Included in this portion of the talk is how and when to take advantage of SQL Server views, stored procedures, and functions. After attending this presentation those new to client/server development will be ready to take the plunge, and those experienced with client/server development will learn new techniques to incorporate into their toolboxes.

Alison Balter is the president of InfoTech Services Group, Inc., a computer consulting firm based in Newbury Park, California. Alison is a highly experienced independent trainer and consultant specializing in Windows applications training and development. During her 27 years in the computer industry, she has trained and consulted with many corporations and government agencies. Since Alison founded InfoTech Services Group, Inc. (formerly InfoTechnology Partners) in 1990, its client base has expanded to include major corporations and government agencies such as Cisco, Shell Oil, Accenture, AIG Insurance, Northrop, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Prudential Insurance, Transamerica Insurance, Fox Broadcasting, the United States Navy, University of Southern California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and others.

Alison specializes in teaching others how to develop Windows and Web applications. She is a leading author of 15 Microsoft Access books and SQL Server books, including Alison Balter’s Mastering Access 2003 Development, Alison Balter’s Mastering Access 2007 Development, Teach Yourself SQL Server 2005 Express in 24 Hours, Using Access 2010, and Access 2013 Absolute Beginners Guide. Alison is also featured in several training videos for both SAMS and Experts Exchange.

Most recently, Alison was given the honor of Microsoft Access MVP 2013, an honor bestowed on a select few individuals who have donated their time to bettering the development community. She was also selected as 2012/2013 Ventura County Woman Business Owner of the Year. Alison can be reached at