General Meeting Presentation

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Show and Tell of 3 Real Life Databases

David Nealey, M. L. "Sco" Scofie

Presentation #1

David Nealey has been using MS Access as a business management tool since 2000. As a business consultant he has in-depth experience with the proposal development life cycle. David has used his business experience to build an Access 2007 application that features executive dashboards, text-to-speech, addresses-to-Bing maps, questionnaires, and checklists. The application generates numerous company-branded resumes and project descriptions based on the government's Standard Form 330 (SF330). The power of the application is enabled through linkages between modules (e.g., corporate, client, contracts, competitor, and industry). For example, a person's jobs can be linked to specific contracts (also called projects), and partners can be linked to specific contracts. The application currently contains almost 200 tables, about 200 forms, and a similar number of reports. The application supports each phase of proposal development: pre-proposal (capture), proposal development, proposal review, production, orals proposal, and post-proposal. The application ensures that users have access to high-quality and up-to-date information. The tool allows proposal managers to manage the proposal development process from start to finish using industry best practices.

Presentation #2

Brad Critchfield, President of KeepTraK Corporation, will be presenting his company’s facilities and equipment maintenance software, KeepTraK. Like so many programs, KeepTraK started life as an in-house application. It was originally written by Brad’s father, Jerry, when he worked at the Rocky Mountain Newspaper. Jerry originally wrote KeepTraK in Dartmouth Basic. Over the years it was converted to dBase and then Paradox. In 1997 KeepTraK was converted to Microsoft Access where it currently remains. Unlike so many programs that remain in-house applications for their entire lifetime, KeepTraK became a commercial program that has been sold for many years starting with its dBase version back in the 1980s. Brad will be assisted by long time DAAUG member Sco Scofield that has been helping Brad with several enhancements over the past year.

Presenter Brad Critchfield, President of KeepTraK Corporation, has been working with Access since 2002. He has worked on KeepTraK with his dad for many years. To learn more about KeepTraK, see their website at

Co-presenter, M. L. "Sco" Scofield, is a Microsoft Access consultant and trainer in Denver, Colorado. You can see Sco's company profile on our DAAUG web site consultants list at and on his web site at

Presentation #3

Paul Schnitzler will show a recent application that he put together if time allows. The whole program was completed is less than 40 hours… simple but with some unique requirements for a Colorado mine. It replaced an out of control Excel work book the was used by 3 to 4 users and automated a graphical report that was being done manually

Paul Schnitzler if a full time Access & SQL Server developer serving a wide variety of business. He has over 13 year of experience with Access and SQL Server.