General Meeting Presentation

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aaron Kogan

Access and Email: BFF’s (Best Buddies Forever)

Aaron Kogan

During this presentation we will explore several ways of integrating email into Microsoft Access. Included in this will be the new Access 2010 ‘Collect data by using e-mail messages’ feature (and one that Aaron custom built), Outlook integration, Gmail integration and how to send text messages (to a cell phone) from Access /email.

YOUR PARTICIPATION IS REQUESTED!: Please bring your laptop to the January meeting. Aaron will need people to send ‘reply responses’ during his presentation. You will be rewarded for you efforts.

Our presenter, Aaron Kogan, is the owner of SLM Data LLC. He has been developing databases for the National Park Service, The Nature Conservancy, The Maui Invasive Species Committee and many other companies since 2000. Aaron also dabbles in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) when he has a free moment. Aaron can be contacted at or check out SLM Data LLC’s website at