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DAAUG, the Denver Area Access Users Group was established in 1994 in order to help Microsoft Access users at all skill levels get the most from Microsoft's Office database product. Still active and going strong, the membership shares current methods and techniques at our monthly interactive labs, general meetings and special events. DAAUG is dedicated to helping everyone involved with Microsoft Access improve their database skills and understanding. Whether you are a novice user or advanced developer, there is a place for you in the Denver Area Access Users Group.

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Monthly General Meetings

Date Third Thursday of each month
6:00 PM Lab and General Meeting
6:30 PM Presentation
Microsoft Corporation
7595 Technology Way
Suite 400 (4th Floor)
Mt. Shavano Room
Denver, CO 80237
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Next Meeting

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Colin Riddington, Mendip Data Systems

Automatic Form Resizing in Access

Colin Riddington, Mendip Data Systems

IMPORTANT: This presentation is at 10:30 AM Mountain Time

All developers will be aware that forms designed for a specific screen size or resolution may look dreadful on a different monitor with a dufferent resolution or screen size or shape.

Some developers deal with this issue by using layout guides to group several controls together with anchoring to adjust the position/size of controls on the screen. The results can be quite successful for simple form layouts. However, that isn’t necessarily the case for more complex form designs as developers do not have full control over positioning and size of each control on the form.

Automatic form resizing (AFR) code is designed to fix all such issues. Forms and their controls can be automatically resized and repositioned for any screen size & resolution whilst allowing developers full control over the form layout and appearance. The AFR code works with all types of form (including split forms, navigation forms and datasheets) and with both overlapping windows and tabbed documents display modes.

This session will be used to explain how AFR code works and provide tips for using the code most effectively in your own applications. It will also cover some potential issues you may experience and possible solutions for each of these. In addition, the session will explain how to add a zoom feature to Access forms.

Colin has been an Access developer for over 20 years starting with Access 97, with many years teaching in secondary schools including responsibility for data analysis. He initially created Access apps for his own use and later for all staff in a number of UK schools. His websites include many Access articles, example apps, sample code and security challenges, together with commercial applications for businesses, schools and developers. His focus is on stretching the boundaries of what can be achieved using Access.

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Join us online at 10:30 AM Mountain Time on Thu Feb 17.