General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Jim Pilcher

Hiding in Plain Sight - The Access You Never Knew

Jim Pilcher

Face it. No one has ever gone through every menu item and Access option just to see what our favorite Microsoft application can do. It is rumored that four Access MVPs claim to have done that, and the Internet chatter is that at least four of them are lying. Join Jim Pilcher, DAAUG VP and database guru, for a wild ride through the Access user interface. Explore seldom-used and often-overlooked capabilities on your way to becoming a true Access power user. Admission is free, and there will be a quiz at the end of Jim's presentation; seriously.

Jim Pilcher, the current DAAUG Vice-President, is a prominent Microsoft Access developer in the Colorado Front Range, having worked with Access professionally since its introduction in 1992. Jim’s company, DataOne, Inc., maintains a broad clientele base providing database solutions for local and state-wide enterprises, as well as large international companies. A frequent presenter at the Denver Area Access Users Group, Jim has served eight terms as its President, and five terms in other DAAUG capacities. Visit his web site at