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The Denver Area Access Users Group (DAAUG) welcomes Microsoft Access users and developers of all skill levels and professions to join us in the discovery of the power of Microsoft Access.

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Wrox prvides books for the DAAUG drawing at the end of our main meeting.


DAAUG Newsletters contain information on DAAUG meetings and events, Valueable information for users and developers of Access applications and news from the Microsoft Access community. The list is displayed from newest to oldest.

Newsletters are now sent by email as soon as they are published. Please send an email to the Communications Director if you would like to be added to the list. Please include "DAAUG" in the subject line.

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October 6, 2015 - 10/8/2015 See what's happening with the Denver Area Access Users Group.

June 3, 2014 - 10/3/2015 Learn about how you can use the DAAUG Library.

May 6, 2014 - 10/2/2015 See some cool photos and learn about the Portland Access Users Group conference.

April 1, 2014 - 10/1/2015 It's not an April fool. It's the DAAUG newsletter.

March, 2014 - 3/4/2014 The "From the Prez" article presents several points that our group will be workin on this year.

February, 2014 - 2/4/2014 Learn about the Portland Database Designer International Conference.
Elections are in February.
The presentation for February was "Code fixes Everything".

January, 2014 - 1/1/2014 Full Microsoft Access Over the Internet

December, 2013 - 12/1/2013 The Holiday Party!!

November, 2013 - 11/1/2013 Developing Client/Server Apps with Microsoft Access

October, 2013 - 10/1/2013 Build Your Own Excel Import Wizard

September, 2013 - 9/1/2013 Managing Access Projects

August, 2013 - 8/1/2013 Excel Object Model Programming with Access VBA

July, 2013 - 7/1/2013 The Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid Apps with Access 2013

June, 2013 - 6/1/2013 Effective Use of Multivalue Fields; and Return from the Northwest Woods: The 2013 Portland Database Conference

May, 2013 - 5/1/2013 Windows 8 App Development: An Unprecedented Opportunity for All Developers

April, 2013 - 4/1/2013 Windows 8 App Development: An Unprecedented Opportunity for All Developers

March, 2013 - 3/1/2013 Design or Die! Or Design in Haste, Repent at Leisure

February, 2013 - 2/1/2013 Functional VBA

January, 2013 - 1/1/2013 Generating Paperless Legal Documentation from Access

December, 2012 - 12/1/2012 The Holiday Party!!

November, 2012 - 11/1/2012 Access 20th anniversary "World Tour”

October, 2012 - 10/1/2012 Ribbons Redux

September, 2012 - 9/6/2012 Show and Tell of 3 Real Life Databases

August 2012 - 7/31/2012 Ribbons Redux

July 2012 - 7/3/2012 4th of July

June 2012 - 6/5/2012 Mapping with Access

May 2012 - 5/1/2012 Access The SideMenu

April 2012 - 4/3/2012 Access Excel Automation

March 2012 - 3/6/2012 Form Events

February 2012 - 2/7/2012 Building Great Looking Forms with Access 2010

January 2011 - 1/1/2012 Access and Email: BBF’s (Best Buddies Forever)

December 2011 - 12/1/2011 DAAUG 2011 Holiday Party

November 2011 - 11/1/2011 Microsoft Access Logging

October 2011 - 10/1/2011 SharePoint 2010 + Access 2010 = Instant Web Database!

September 2011 - 9/1/2011 Fun with Functions

August 2011 - 8/1/2011 Working with XML

July 2011 - 7/1/2011 Import Data from Excel, Make List Box and Combo Box Controls Work Better and Visual Studio LightSwitch and Kexi

June 2011 - 6/1/2011 Discover the new Navigation Control in Microsoft Access 2010

May 2011 - 5/1/2011 Focus on Access 2010: Table Macros

April 2011 - 4/13/2011 Luke Chung's presentation

March 2011 - 3/13/2011 A Generic Lookup Table Editing Form

February 2011 - 1/30/2011 Access 2010 Web Apps 101

January 2011 - 1/11/2011 Focus on Access 2010

December 2010 - 11/30/2010 Toy Manufacturing and Inventory Control @ 90º N Latitude

November 2010 - 11/4/2010 The Many Faces of QBF - Part 2

October 2010 - 11/3/2010 Video Library

September 2010 - 9/8/2010 Real-Life Access

August 2010 - 8/8/2010 Draw Yourself a Report

July 2010 - 7/8/2010 The Many Faces of QBF

June 2010 - 6/8/2010 VBA Table Wrapper Classes

May 2010 - 5/8/2010 How to Make New Buddies

April 2010 - 4/8/2010 Planning and Structuring Data

March 2010 - 3/8/2010 Back from the Future

February 2010 - 2/8/2010 Nobody Told Me There Would Reports Like These!

January 2010 - 1/6/2010 Elections and Student Inspired Tips and Tricks

December 2009 - 12/22/2009 Holiday Party!!

November 2009 - 11/10/2009 Windows File and Folder Management from Access and Get Ready for the Holiday Party!!

October 2009 - 10/11/2009 Table Interface Classes and Automated VBA Code Generation

September 2009 - 10/10/2009 Ribbons without Bows - Access 2007

August 2009 - 8/24/2009 Was "Questions from Students," became, "Coding Tips and Tricks"

July 2009 - 7/21/2009 Create a Winning Application - The Random Drawing Machine

June 2009 - 5/27/2009 Everyday VBA for Really Smart People

May 2009 - 5/5/2009 Let’s Build an Application from Scratch - Part 4

April 2009 - 4/9/2009 Aaron Kogan presents more "Access Add-ins and Code Snippets"

March 2009 - 4/8/2009 Special guest speak Luke Chung: "Advanced Features in Access 2007”

February 2009 - 4/7/2009 Let’s Build an Access Application from Scratch – Part 3

January 2009 - 4/6/2009 Annual Board Member Elections

December 2008 - 4/5/2009 The Annual Non-Meeting Announcement

August 2008 - 4/4/2009 Rapid Prototyping with Access

September 2008 - 4/3/2009 Tip of the Month “Let VBA Find It for You”

October 2008 - 4/2/2009 More Access add-ins.

November 2008 - 4/1/2009 Happy Thanksgiving!

July 2008 - 7/13/2008 What is SQL Server and What is new in SQL 2008

June 2008 - 6/11/2008 Learn how to retrieve autonumber values when you use an INSERT statement to create records.

May 2008 - 5/6/2008 Learn about Cascading Updates in Jet relationships and how they may affect your data. Also, get the link to the DAAUG BLOG site and start BLOGing.

April 2008 - 4/10/2008 Access 2007 and SharePoint, the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

March 2008 - 3/12/2008 President, Jim Pilcher shares his experience with Microsoft SQL Server as a database back-end for a Microsoft Access application front-end. In the Tip of the Month, learn how to compact a remote database by using VBA code.

February 2008 - 2/12/2008 Learn how to eliminate screen flicker in Access 2003 when moving the mouse over tabbed controls. Also, get information about the Access 2003 SP3 Hotfix.

January 2008 - 1/8/2008 A farewell from last year's DAAUG President. Learn how you can maximize screen real estate and improve text readibility in Access.

December 2007 - 12/12/2007 Just a reminder that the Denver Area Access Users Group does not meet in December. See our President's DAAUG wrap-up for 2007.

November 2007 - 11/8/2007 Happy Thanksgiving. Learn how to handle Transactions in Microsoft Access/Jet.

October 2007 - 10/8/2007 This month's edition describes a demonstration project where we will be building an application from scratch with input from our meeting attendees. Please watch the newsletters for additional installments of this interactive demonstration.

September 2007 - 9/12/2007 Remember to check the Member to Member section of the newsletter each month as the items contained within change.

August 2007 - 8/10/2007 Access/VBA Tip of the Month“Quotes within Text Fields Break My VB Code”

July 2007 - 7/10/2007 Tip of the Month: Learn how to include quoted text within VBA code that you use to modify text fields in your data without breaking the code.

June 2007 - 6/13/2007 See what your DAAUG group is up to by reading the newsletter. Get on the DAAUG mailing list to keep up to date on Access, Access related issues and DAAUG. Come to a meeting. It's FREE. Become a member to receive additional benefits.

May 2007 - 5/9/2007 Could it be the end of the Denver Area Access Users Group? You hold the key.

April 2007 - 4/10/2007 Learn how you can use Microsoft Virtual PC to test new software without the worry of damaging your primary Windows installation. Do you have an Access database that uses Linked Tables and suffers in the performance department? See how you can hold the linked tables open and boost performance.

March 2007 - 3/6/2007 Read the last part in Jim's series on retrieving the last auto-number value to be generated in an Access database.

February 2007 - 2/10/2007 The launch of Access 2007 (Office 2007) is upon us. Read more about returning the last generated Auto-number value from an Access database. View the long list of prizes that were given out for the Holiday Party (delayed by one month due to snow). Get instructions for using the DAAUG library.

January 2007 - 1/10/2007 Happy New Year - It's time for Elections. Also, learn how to retrieve the most recently generated Auto-number value from an Access database.

December 2006 - 12/12/2006 Get some tips to create quality Access applications. Also, December is party time for the Denver Area Access Users Group. At each December meeting we celibrate with food and prizes that are in addition to what we already provide at other meetings. You are welcome to join us for the celibration.

November 2006 - 11/9/2006 The release of Microsoft Access 2007 is just around the corner. Have you tried out the beta yet? If you haven't because you are concerned about what it might do to your computer there's good news. Microsoft is offering a Test Drive through there Website. View the 'From the Prez' article to see how to use the Test Drive. Read about the dangers of compiling an Access application in Access 2003 and then running your application on Access 2000.

October 2006 - 10/12/2006 Have you ever had corruption in an Access form that couldn't be fixed by using the Compact and Repair utility? Don't dispare. Jim Pilcher explains how to use a couple VBA functions to rebuild your form and remove the corruption.

September 2006 - 9/13/2006 "XML is Here" by our President, Sco Scofield. Five (5) simple steps for using the DAAUG Library. Your DAAUG Communications Director, Patrick Headley, provides the Tip of the Month this month. Learn how to store multiple selections that your users make in List Box controls.

August 2006 - 8/22/2006 Our president, Sco Scofield, invites you to present for the group. Denver Area Access Users Group founder, Diane Winger, was recently on TV. Learn about Make-table queries. Our Lab Director, Jim Pilcher, describes the rules of the game concerning DAAUG Lab Night.

July 2006 - 7/18/2006 Review the instructions for using the DAAUG Library. Learn different ways to obtain the Autonumber field value from a new record that you create in VBA code.

June 2006 - 6/8/2006 The 10 Commands of Microsoft Access. Access the link to the document and read Sco Scofield's (DAAUG President) thoughts on good database development practices. Learn how to deal with pesky Access properties in Jim Pilcher's, Tip of the Month.

May 2006 - 5/10/2006 Learn how to make List Box and Combo Box controls in Microsoft Access scroll smoothly without first scrolling to the end of the list.

April 2006 - 4/11/2006 Begin learning about the new features in Access 2007. Learn about Access properties in Jim Pilcher's, Acess Tip of the Month.

March 2006 - 3/7/2006 At the upcoming meeting, Kevin Bell will describe MZ Tools. The Microsoft Access version of this tool is freeware and very cool. You can download the tool at Our president, Sco Scofield, presents information from the recent DAAUG survey and provides his thoughts and suggestions. You are invited to provide your feedback. Jim Pilcher explains how to control a report's Printer Object in his Access/VB Tip of the Month. As our Lab Director, Jim Pilcher reports back on the new Lab meeting format. And, the Denver Area Access Users Group gives a big thanks to the book publisher, Wilie/Wrox/Sybex for their generous donation of books to our group.

February 2006 - 2/8/2006 Learn how you can use code to build the query for a report after you have added the text controls to the report's detail section. Using this method you first write a SELECT * query, design the report and then replace the query with a query that includes only the fields needed for the report. Our new president for 2006, Sco Scofield, presents new ideas for the new year and invites you to participate in your user group. Our new Lab Director, Jim Pilcher outlines the new Lab meeting format for 2006. Learn what you need to know to use the resources from the DAAUG Library.

January 2006 - 1/10/2006 Read why you should add the Access Developer's Handbook to your library, if you haven't done so already. Get information about the MS Colorado Events Website.

December, 2005 - 12/12/2005 Jim Pilcher describes a situation where the properties of a form can cause it to hide every control and how to avoid having this happen to you.

November, 2005 - 11/7/2005 Find out how you can sort reports on Date/Time fields in Microsoft Access. Elections are coming in January. Would you like to help your user group by being on the Board of Directors? It's easy to do and we would like to have you help. Take a look at the Officers page on the DAAUG Website to see a list of responsibilities for each board position.

October, 2005 - 10/10/2005 Get information on the Backdoor.Hesive Trojan Horse virus that is attacking Microsoft Access. Learn how to build a SELECT CASE statement that tests vales from an Option Group but won't break if the Option Group values are changed.

September, 2005 - 9/6/2005 Learn about some Access features that you may find useful. Get a procedure to help you easily relink your linked tables.

August, 2005 - 8/9/2005 Get the most from your DAAUG membership. Learn how to use Groups in the Access Database Window.

July, 2005 - 7/12/2005 See what the next meeting holds in store for you when you receive yoru newsletters via email.

June, 2005 - 6/6/2005 Find out how to volunteer to present a topic at a DAAUG Meeting. Learn how to fill Combo Box control lists dynamically with VBA code.

May, 2005 - 5/10/2005 Learn how to use Domain Aggregate functions. Domain Aggregate functions provide a way to return specific values from a database table that is not included in the query for your form or report. Also, if you are a member, you can place a short ad in the Member to Member section.

September, 2001 - 9/10/2001 See how to calculate days in the month with the "Days in the Month" function. Learn about Relationships in Microsoft Acces databases. Get the new Lab address (please note the old date on this Newsletter).

August, 2001 - 8/10/2001 Learn about Relationships in Microsoft Access. Study SQL Queries in SeqL 5 - by Clark Anderson. And just for fun, see Dilbert's "Salary Theorm" in action.

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